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The Tornado range of eliquids is manufactured by Vape DinnerLady who are based in Blackburn England. 

The Tornado range consist of four fruit inspired e-liquid flavours, Cyclone, Twister, Cool Blizzard and Vortex

The range debuted at the Vaper Expo UK in 2016 where Vape DinnerLady won "Best Booth Award".  

The Tornado range of eliquids received critical acclaim within the vape community at its launch and continues to garner new fans to this day.  

Here we review the four e-liquids which make-up the Tornado range.
We go beyond standard manufacturer descriptions by giving you the lowdown on our real-world tasting of these award winning e-juices


We conducted our taste tests using the IJOY Limitless 24 RDA and Asmodus Minikin for the superior flavour we get from using this setup. 

We used 3mg nicotine variants of each flavour in our tests. 

We set our device to 18W / 3.7V for the first taste test and 25W / 4.8V for the second test.

We do this to gauge shifts in an e-liquids flavour profile; a common occurrence when vaped at different heat settings. It is also a way to gauge the balance of flavours in any given e-liquid preparation. Such shifts in flavour profile can subtly change the taste of an e-liquid. Sometimes the change in taste can be considerable. 


The Tornado range is produced in a 50/50 VG/PG base and is available in  zero - 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths.

Vapour production is good but not huge due to its 50/50 vg base.  

Cyclone Tornado Eliquid 


Unmistakeable smell of fresh ripe green apples. 


On the inhale you get a fresh sharp green apple taste followed by a sour tang straight through the inhale and back out on the exhale. Exhale is smooth with a pleasant 15 second aftertaste. 

Slightly pronounced flavours coming through at 25W: again with a very smooth exhale. 


Tornado Cyclone Eliquid is absolutely bang-on sour apple sweets.

There is no mistaking the flavour.

Vape Dinnerlady have taken the traditional sour apple flavour and perfected it. 

This is definitely a nice fruity flavour e-liquid that's great for all day vaping. 


Twister Tornado Eliquid 


Pleasant smell of watermelon. Very faint smell of kiwi laced with nicotine 


 A sweet watermelon taste on the inhale. Notes of kiwi flavours become apparent progressing into the inhale mixing with the watermelon right to the back of the inhale.

Watermelon and kiwi flavours on the exhale followed by a cool refreshing effect, almost like a light mint but not quite. 

We could not detect a difference in taste with this juice vaped at 18W and 25W 


Well balanced flavour profile guaranteed to impress fruit flavoured e-liquid fans everywhere. A really pleasant all day vape perfected by vape dinnerlady.


Cool Blizzard Tornado Eliquid 


The smell of minty menthol laced with nicotine with the slightest hint of blueberry 


Fresh blueberry on the inhale, quickly followed by a minty menthol punching its way through to the back of the inhale.

We detected a hint of aniseed, although it is not listed as an ingredient on the bottle. Possible hints of aniseed mixed in with blueberry and mint on the exhale leaving a pleasant 20sec aftertaste. 

Blueberry followed by menthol on the inhale going through to the backnote. The menthol calms down a touch on the inhale with a fresh minty flavour taking over on the exhale leaving a fresh minty aftertaste 


We're not the biggest fans of Mint / Menthol e-liquids here at vapedar, but we can spot a good quality e-liquid when we taste one.

Cool Blizzard in our opinion is one menthol lovers will enjoy for its distinctive flavour profile which set's it apart from similar flavoured liquid on the market. 


Vortex Tornado Eliquid 


Faint smell of grapefruit with a hint of zesty lemon 


Right from the inhale you get hit with the distinctive pink grape fruit taste immediately backed up by a zingy zesty lemon flavour. Going further through the inhale hints of raspberry comes to the fore with all three flavours running concurrent to the back of the inhale turning over-to a nice smooth exhale.

Zingy lemon stands out a touch above other flavours all the way through the exhale leaving a pleasant 10 sec aftertaste. 

Raspberry flavours feature more on the inhale at 25W, with all three flavours running through to the back of the inhale followed by a pronounced zingy lemon on the exhale. 


We cannot pick fault with this e-juice. Vape Dinnerlady really mastered their flavour profiles before going to market. 

What's not to love about this flavour. It is by and far our favourite all day vape juice here at Vapedar 



 Fruit flavour e-liquid fans will absolutely love the Tornado E-liquid range by Vape Dinner Lady.

The the Tornado E-liquid range are perfect for all day vaping.

 We find the best flavours come through at settings: ~25W @ 4.8 V

 Wake up your senses with Tornado’s exhilarating collection of e-liquid flavours NOW!

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