1111 11 11 E-liquids by Dinner Lady

11 11 e-liquid are a popular collection of tobacco influenced e-liquid flavours currently taking the vaping industry by storm.

Vape Dinner lady ltd, the manufacturer of this luxury range of e liquids have redefined what tobacco flavoured e-liquids ought to be.

What the master blenders at Dinner lady have done with this line of e-liquids is nothing short of genius.

The 1111 range of e-liquids are a marriage made in heaven 11. Classic vape juice flavours such as sweet, menthol and dessert are skilfully blended with a variety of tobacco based flavours; resulting in a wonderfully decadent vape that is perfect for lovers of the traditional tobacco taste. Even non-tobacco smokers will appreciate these. There is definitely something here for everyone.

Heaven 11, Felon 11, Sweet 11 and After 11 make up the wonderfully sublime collection of tobacco influenced flavours.
Which  flavour is for you? Try Heaven 11, be tempted by layers of vanilla blended with dark caramel laced with a dribble of honey; enough to have you salivating and reaching for more. Do it now.

You may wish to try Sweet 11 with its undertones of dark cherry expertly blended with a touch of tobacco – ooh la la, what a delight!

For vapers who prefer the icy blast of cool menthol to invigorate their senses, After 11 is for you. Felon 11 is a favourite with traditional tobacco connoisseurs everywhere. If you like your flavours strong and punchy the felon is definitely for you.

An indulgent range of e liquids with a touch of extravagance for tobacco lovers everywhere. Get it now!