Atomzer Coil Heads

Atomizer / coils are an integral part of e-cigarette vape devices. atomizer coils are found inside Atomisers, Clearomisers, standard and sub ohm vape tanks.

These complex units typically consist of small electrical components housed in a metallic or aluminium casing / shell.
Atomizers utilise heating elements to vapourize e-liquid which is inhaled.

Atomizer coil heads require periodic replacement as they loose performance through natural usage.
2 weeks is the typical time before changing atomizer coils. However, some coils require more frequent changes than others. This may be due to the users style of vaping, the setting used on the vape device, and a host of other factors.
We stock replacement atomizer heads for all electronic cigarette / Vape Pen Kits we sell.
All our atomiser coils produce the very best taste and vapour.