Cosmic Fog E-liquids

Cosmic Fog E-liquids kryp sonset sonrise chilld tobacco milk honey chewberry shocker

Cosmic Fog Vapours was founded in Orange County California USA. 

In 2013, they created the now-famous line of e-liquids bearing the parent company's name: Cosmic Fog, which consists of seven mouthwatering flavours

Shortly after, they went on to create a new line of eliquids aptly called the Lost Fog collection.
Their mission is to develop unique, thoroughly tested, high quality e-liquids that are revered across the vape industry and across the world.

The Cosmic Fog e-liquid line consist of the following flavours – Sonrise, Sonset, Milk & honey, Kryp also known as Kryptonite, Chill'd tobacco and Chewberry.

It takes COSMIC FOG Vapors an average of 8 -10 months on EACH FLAVOR, tapping into their vast experience in the culinary world and cutting-edge research to craft magic into the vaping experience.

The Cosmic fog e-liquid collection consist a variety of flavour-types to suit all tastes.
Available flavour-types include fruit, tobacco, drink, dessert, mint and menthol to name but a few

Each flavor should be a thoroughly exciting experience for every vaper, and given the amount of time that goes into producing these gems, it will be. 

In addition, each flavor is vaped by the mixers for weeks after development, ensuring that it is blended to perfection.
Cosmic Fog Vapors firmly believes that if a product is not good enough to be considered an extraordinary vape, then it is not good enough for their customers.
All liquids are manufactured using the finest available natural flavours, are Diacetyl free and are produced in line with EU TPD regulations.
Manufactured in the USA.