Tobacco E-liquid Flavour

Tobacco E-liquid Flavours are extremely popular among vapers for their distinct unmistakable taste.

Some ex-smokers who take up vaping are able to do so more easily due to the availability of tobacco flavoured e-juice which remind them of cigarettes or pipe tobacco.

In recent years e-liquid master blenders and producers across the globe have been working hard to come up with better tasting tobacco e-liquids flavours that taste remarkably authentic.

They manage to capture the all too familiar taste and aroma of fresh cured tobacco leaves in their blends; two factors many vapers consider important in any vape brew.

Dinner Lady certainly leads the way in this regard with their tobacco inspired 11 11 e-liquid range.

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1111 E-LIQUID by dinner lady heaven after sweet felon 11 1111 11 11 E-LIQUID BUY
Heaven 11 Honey + Vanilla + dark caramel + dry tobacco BUY
After 11 Ice cool menthol + eucalyptus + tobacco BUY
Sweet 11 Cherries + sweet pipe tobacco BUY
Felon 11 Kentucky + Virginia + + Burley tobacco leaves BUY


Cosmic Fog E-liquids chill'd  COSMIC FOG E-LIQUID BUY
Chill'd tobacco Tobacco + peppermint + chocolate BUY


Cuban Cigar Cuban Cigar BUY
Virginian  Virginian tobacco leaves BUY


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