Vape Pen Intermediate Kits

Vape Intermediate kits are suitable for users familiar with the use of this class of device and have been vaping at least 1 year.

Intermediate Vape Pen kits are very popular among vapers because they come with useful features such as variable wattage and voltage control which you would not find on a beginner Vape pen .

Intermediate kits require more power to function and typically come with batteries built -in which are charged using a Usb cable.

Lately, Intermediate kits are beginning to offer features found on advanced Vape pens such as temperature control.

Intermediate kits satisfy the needs of most vapers who choose to use them as they are simple, easy to use and with no complicated settings to get bogged down by.

They are the perfect pick-up-and-go devices that fit in your pocket or bags.

There is much to love about this type of Vape devices. 

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