Vape Pen Kits

Vape pens and box kits are terms used interchangeably in the vape community and industry to describe vape or ecigarette kits.

These kits consist of a battery, tank, charging cables, spare atomisers / atomizer coil heads and other applicable accessories manufacturers choose to add.

Vape pen kit or ecigarette kits are commonly placed in three categories: beginner or starter kits, intermediate and advanced kits. We stock all three categories here at Vapedar.

Vape pen kits offer consumers a convenient way to buy the individual components that make-up an e-cigarette vapouriser: batteries, tanks, coils etc.  in one complete kit, eliminating the need to purchase separate components.

Broswe our selection of Vape pen kits below, and be sure to return as we reguularly update our stock with new lines.