E-liquid by Flavour

It is fair to say E cigarette Vaping culture wouldn’t be the phenomena it is today if it weren’t for “Flavouring”, something manufacturers add to vape e liquid juice to improve taste and make palatable.

Flavourings make an otherwise dull and tasteless e cig liquid vapeable and enjoyable.

Flavourings used in Vape E liquids are either natural or artificial.  In recent years the industry has moved towards using solely natural flavourings or a combination of both in their productions.
Not all flavorings come from a natural source.  This is because it is difficult or impossible to obtain or the technology doesn’t yet exist to do so.
In such situations using artificial flavours is inevitable and perhaps acceptable provided they conform to EU/UK safety regulations as outlined in the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD).

Flavourings used in Vape e-liquids sold by Vapedar all conform with TPD regulation.

They say “variety is the spice of life” This holds true for an industry that produces thousands of new e juice flavours per annum.

Vape liquids are available to buy in a variety of flavours. Fruit eliquid flavors popular among vapers as is Drink, Tobacco, Mint Menthol, Dessert, Creamy, Sweet and Hybrid - which you can find in our store.

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